Intensity Athletics staff is dedicated to bringing you the best training in Southern California! Our coaches are all CPR and First Aid certified and our All-Star staff is USASF credentialed. Our coaches are committed to the safety of our athletes, both mentally & physically.

With the use of proper technique and progression your athlete will improve in Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy.

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Sumer Dandan

Sumer has over 22 years of coaching experience and has worked for United Spirit Association for 5 years. Over the years she has coached and choreographed with teams of all ages and levels including: Pop Warner, youth, middle school, high school and all star programs (levels 1-6). Sumer holds numerous national championship titles as an athlete with Orange Coast College, PACE All-stars, Stealth all-stars. Sumer is also a WORLD CHAMPION competing on the 2013 Level 6 Stealth All-Stars team, also placing 1st place at NCA in 2013 on the level 6 Stealth All-Stars. As a coach Sumer is a fantastic choreographer holding choreography awards as well as received numerous stunt and routine creativity awards. Her Senior 2 team took 3rd place at the Summit in 2014, in 2015 Sumer's Youth 2 team went home with the National Championship title at NCA in Dallas, TX and in 2018 Sumer's Junior 2 team received the National title at Cheersport, Atlanta, Georgia.

Undergraduate degree in Child development from California State University Fullerton Master Degree in Child Life Loma Linda University

Sumer's Coaching Philosophy: She believes in perfection before progression, so she looks for athletes to master skills and drills before moving them to the next level. This helps reduce mental frustration and the likelihood of forming mental blocks. All athletes develop at different rates and Sumer is patient in waiting until they are confident in their skills while giving positive encouragement to help them reach their goals. She LOVES being able to witness her athletes’ reactions when skills finally “click” they become confident in themselves and what they are capable of. She works hard to instill teamwork in her athletes. Sumer makes sure that they understand the importance of helping one another succeed. Sumer strives to be a positive role model both in and out of the gym. Cheerleading has taken her so far both personally and professionally and now she wants to share her experiences with this amazing sport with others.

Joseph Sega - Cheer Coach/Tumbling Instructor

Joseph entered the cheer world in 2013 when he joined his high school varsity cheerleading team at Hemet High. Furthering his experience he later joined the Mount San Jacinto Community College Cheerleading team. then he later made his way from collegiate cheer into the All-Star world with helping with flyers classes at what use to be know as Surge Athletics “Cheer is our passion But Pink is our OBSESSION” he has also had the opportunity to staff for Cheerpros as well as continuing to help with flyers classes at the beginning of what is now known as Intensity Athletics “Who are we...? INTENSITY!!” He now coaches the Midseason team Black Lightning along side Coach Morgan as well as coaches some recreational tumbling classes and Will also be seen helping on Friday’s for Open Gym! He’s eager to help and see every athlete progress and has nothing but high hopes and standards for every athlete that walks threw the doors 

Megan Groff - Tumbling Instructor

Wendy Hacking - Cheer Team Communications Liaison

Jermaine Sanders- Cheer Team/Tumble Instructor

Morgan Ramirez- Cheer Team/ Tumble Instructor