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All athletes must be evaluated by a tumbling coach before moving up to the next level. 

Introduction To Tumbling (Beginner Class Only)
Intro to Tumbling is a great way to learn a strong tumbling foundation. Athletes learn drills for building muscle and body control.
Goal: Athletes are introduced to the forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, round off, handstand, and back bend. This class emphasizes the fundamental skills necessary to be a strong tumbler.
Required Skills: None.

Level 1
Goal: To develop and master basic skills including: handstands, cartwheels, round offs, walkovers.
Required skills: An understanding of the basics. forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel & round off.

Intro 2 
Goal: Introduced to the handspring. Athlete will start running and standing handspring drills. These skills provide a solid base for more advanced tumbling goals.
Required skills: Strong basics. forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel & round off.

Level 2
Goal: To master standing and round off back handsprings and adding combinations (walkovers, handspring step-outs) to running and standing tumbling.
Required skills: Standing handspring, round off handspring.

Intro 3 
Goal: Introduced to the round off tuck, punch front, and multiple standing back handsprings as well as aerials.
Required skills: Strong standing handspring & round off series.

Level 3
Goal: To polish standing and running tumbling ending in a tuck, adding punch fronts and combo passes.
Requires Skills: Strong round off back tuck.

Intro 4 
Goal: Introduced to the standing tuck and running layout.
Required skills: Strong multiple standing handspring rebound and round off back handspring tuck.

Level 4
Goal: To polish running tumbling, adding punch front step outs, whips, and layout step outs.
Required skills: Standing series to back tuck & round off series to back tuck.

Intro 5 
Goal: Introduced to the full twisting layout.
Required skills: Standing series to layout & round off handspring layout.

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